Neonatal Sterile Tourniquet

SKU: 1967-001 Package: 25/bx

Product Description

NeoMedical’s neonatal sterile tourniquets are specifically designed for the smaller limb circumference and more delicate skin of infants. This product is 10 inches long and comes in sterile packaging. 25 units are included in a case.

7.0Fr Silicone Tubing(10”)

This neonatal sterile tourniquet is specially formulated from 100% medical-grade silicone to negate any risk of allergic reactions incumbent to materials like latex.

Product Details

NeoMedical’s neonatal sterile tourniquets are designed with tensile strength to provide proper circulatory disruption without causing lasting trauma to the arteries and soft tissues of neonates. They are optimally sized and arrive sterilized for efficient use in clinical settings.

Neonatal Sterile Tourniquet – Disposable to help reduce risk of cross contamination

With neonates more susceptible to cross-contamination than other patient populations, our neonatal sterile tourniquet is specifically designed for single-use to eliminate the risk of infection.

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