Neonatal Dressing Change Kit

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Product Description

Wound care and dressing maintenance are especially important for neonatal patients as they exhibit a higher risk of infection. NeoMedical’s Neonatal Dressing Change Kit comes with materials to properly sterilize and dress wounds, prepackaged for ease of access in clinical and emergency settings.

1 ¾” x 1 ¾” Tegaderm Dressing

This transparent film allows for visual monitoring of the wound or catheter access site while providing a sterile, waterproof barrier against pathogens, dirt, and fluids.


Each dressing kit comes with sterile scissors to properly trim dressings to the appropriate size.

Steri Strips ¼ x 3”

Steri Strips act as adhesive wound closure dressings to apply constant pressure through elastic tension. The strips included in our dressing kit are already appropriately sized for neonates and infants.

Alcohol Swabs

The included alcohol swabs are optimal for instrument and wound cleaning.

Povidone Iodine Swabs

Povidone Iodine swabs are also included for wound sterilization prior to dressing.

Product Details

NeoMedical’s Neonatal Dressing Change Kit is designed with clinicians ease of use in mind when dressing and caring for wounds in neonates. The included equipment is sterile packaged and easily identifiable and is specially sized for neonatal physiology.

Neonatal Dressing Change Kit Advantages

Wound care and infection risk management is especially important for neonatal patients. NeoMedical’s dressing kit is optimally sized for use in neonatal patients, delivering better results in both ease of use for clinicians and overall care for patients.

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