3.0 Fr Safety Needle Introducer (for 3.0 Fr)

SKU: 360-300 Package: 10/cs

Product Description

The 3.0 Fr Safety Needle Introducer (for 3.0 Fr) allows for easy and reliable catheter placement using an over-the-needle approach to minimize arterial trauma and maximize instances of successful catheterization on the first attempt.

19ga Over-The-Needle Sheath Safety Introducer .040” (1.0mm) x 1.25” (32mm) Sheath

This needle introducer allows for easy and precise handling and maneuverability. Once placed, simply remove the needle housing.

19ga Needle

The safety needle is designed to make quick and precise venal access, with an added flashback chamber for visual confirmation of successful access.

20ga Catheter

The specially sized 20ga catheter is optimal for neonatal patients for both temporary and extended dwell catheterization. The flexible tip stays in place without causing trauma to arterial walls.

Product Details

The 3.0 Fr Safety Needle uses specialty materials and manufacturing processes to create a reliable product for clinical use.

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