2.5 Fr x 50cm, SL Polyurethane PICC with E-Z Flush Stylet, 4cm Tearaway Introducer & .010 x 20cm nitinol wire

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Product Description

NeoMedical’s polyurethane PICC catheter is designed specifically for pediatric vascular use. The pediatric catheter kit includes our 2.5 Fr x 50cm, SL polyurethane PICC with E-Z flush stylet, 4cm tearaway introducer, and .010 x 20cm nitinol wire. A PICC line is typically used for:

  • Obtaining blood samples.
  • Administering fluid, nutrition, medications, blood transfusions, and chemotherapy to the patient.

Our soft biostable material is kink resistant and trimmable. A larger internal lumen diameter provides increased flow rates for better administration of liquids.

Mini Modified Seldinger Technique Introducer Kits

Our polyurethane PICC is ideal for patients who require more than five days of intravenous (IV) therapy. Using the Modified Seldinger Technique, our PICC line can easily be inserted into the tiniest veins with minimal trauma. Other advantages include reduced cost and clinician time. The use of our polyurethane PICC minimizes the risk of infection while avoiding repeat venipunctures and may also be used for at-home infusions.

Our introducer kits are available in 1.9/2.0FR & 2.5/3.0FR and includes three components:

  • The small guidewire introducer needle allows for easy access to the vein.
  • The 0.010-inch (diameter) nitinol guidewire with an atraumatic soft deflection tip is provided to maintain access in the vessel.
  • The 30ga dilator tearaway eases skin and vessel entry to provide for a less traumatic catheter placement.

Clinician advantages include a higher degree of safety and success because of the shortened procedure time. Pediatric patients may experience a decrease in sedation time. The procedure can be standardized using the same insertion method for different patients using a tiny needle to access the vein regardless of catheter size. Another benefit is fewer complications resulting in nerve damage or arterial puncture.

Polyurethane vs. Silicone PICC Catheters

When comparing polyurethane vs. silicone PICC catheters, polyurethane PICCs typically result in fewer infections, thrombus, dislodgment, and rupture. Technicians using silicone PICCs slightly more complications, however the softer material is safer on the vein intima.

NeoMedical offers a full line of neonatal vascular access products.

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