1.9 Fr x 6cm EPIV with Stylet (Catheter Only)

SKU: 1943-1606 Package: 20/cs

Product Description

1.9Fr x 6cm Single Lumen Silicone Catheter

The 1.9 Fr x 6cm EPIV with Stylet (Catheter Only) is designed for extended dwell catheterization in neonates. The variably rigid or flexible stylet allows for superior control when placing an extended dwell PICC, and the silicone tip allows for frictionless placement and removal to avoid trauma to arterial walls.

Product Details

NeoMedical’s Extended Dwell Peripheral Intravenous Catheters are manufactured for frictionless placement in neonates for constant fluid supply over days and even weeks without risking infection of the access site. This product also includes specific anchor points to secure to skin without site degradation.

Catheter Advantages

Catheters like our Neo-Magic 1.9 Fr x 6cm EPIV with Stylet (Catheter Only) allow for safer, more reliable catheterization in neonates using the Modified Seldinger Technique. Our specially made products are designed using the latest materials and manufacturing products for both ease of use for clinicians, and the safety and comfort of a unique patient population.

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