1.9/2.0 Fr Breakaway Needle Introducer

SKU: 350-20 Package: 10/cs

Product Description

Breakaway Needle Introducer

Neo Medical’s ‘break and drop’ introducer needle still plays an important role in difficult placements, and the large, clear window provides rapid confirmation of blood draws. Non-Safety. This specially constructed 1.9/2.0 Fr Breakaway Needle Introducer allows for accurate, safe venal access for neonates and infants, and is optimized for use with our line of NeoMedical 1.9/2.0 Fr PICCs.

Product Details

NeoMedical’s 1.9/2.0 Fr Breakaway Needle Introducer has an ultra-slim profile and is designed with finger holds for stability even with a single-handed approach. The large viewing window allows for immediate visual confirmation of venal access during catheterization or blood draws. After placement, the breakaway design leaves only the needle in place.

Breakaway Needle Introducer Advantages

Breakaway needles improve significantly on the alternative “back-out” procedure for placing a catheter after initial venal access. Backing out a needle over an unanchored guidewire can result in inadvertently pulling out or contaminating the guidewire. Breakaway needles allow for easy insertion of a guidewire through the cannula needle, which is then removed separately from the guidewire and disposed of.

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