1.9/2.0 Fr, 30ga Modified Seldinger Introductor Kit

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Product Description

The 1.9/2.0 Fr, 30ga Modified Seldinger Introductor (MST) Kit provides safe and easy vascular access of premature, neonatal patients as small as 22 weeks/480gm. The MST is designed to be used with our line of neonatal PICC catheters for neonates and has a 0.010-inch (diameter) nitinol guidewire for easy insertion and viable access. The 30ga dilator tearaway protects fragile skin and veins and ensures a far less traumatic catheter placement. MST is a desirable alternative to traditional OTN breakaway needle introducers.

Modified Seldinger Introductor Kit Features

The most competitive features that the Modified Seldinger Introducer Kit includes are:

  • An increase in first-stick success rate from 55-65% up to 85%.
  • MST matches the adult standard offering preemie and micro-preemie neonatal patients the most efficient method of catheterization.
  • Eliminates the option of having to use incorrect-size PICC lines.
  • Increased patient comfort and less trauma to delicate skin and immature veins.
  • Small guidewire for easy access to the vein.
  • 0.010-inch (diameter) nitinol guidewire with atraumatic soft deflection tip maintains access in the vessel.
  • Small and easy to use on the tiniest patients.
  • MST works on preemies as small as 480 grams.

Introductor Kit Advantages

The Modified Seldinger Introductor Kit offers healthcare staff some substantial advantages in the real-world of neonatal care, such as increased first-stick success rate with guaranteed PICC line threading. The MST may be used on micro-preemies as small as 22 weeks old/480gm. A scalpel nick before insertion is needed less often using the MST in tiny neonatal patients. Nurses at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Brigham and Women’s Hospital say their comfort level is greater when using MST because they know they can successfully catheterize with the first try. MST has replaced OTN as a much better solution in many hospitals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PICC Line and How Does an MST Help?

A PICC line is a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter, and it can be used with an MST device for insertion.

What is the Smallest Patient You Can Catheterize Using MST?

Although the Modified Seldinger Introductor Kit has been approved for neonatal patients as small as 480gm, healthcare workers at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Brigham and Women’s Hospital have used it on premature infants as small as 22 weeks/480gm.

Learn more about the Modified Seldinger Technique.

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