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Neo Medical, Inc. is an innovator in vascular access medical devices. Noted for its high value the Neo-Magic® line of vascular access devices and accessories designed specifically for neonatal and pediatric patients.

Vascular Systems

Neo Medical services specialize in intravenous products for neonatal and pediatric patients who require specific vascular access products (i.e., PICC catheters and catheter introducers). Neo Medical Inc. develops, manufactures, and distributes medical devices specifically for this patient population. Their innovative products are used by an array of practitioners in the process of gaining access to the vascular system.

Drug Therapies
Drug Therapies

Neo Medical Products
Are Designed to Serve All Ages

Neo Medical focuses on creating specialized products that address the unique challenges of caring for this specific patient population. Neo Medical is one of only a few neonatal PICC line manufacturers that offer a complete line of neonatal medical supplies. Neo Medical products include neonatal PICC line catheters and catheter introducers.

Our Manufacturing
The success of Neo Medical is founded on the skill and effort of our employees and the quality of our suppliers. Through our combined efforts we have achieved one of the lowest product complaint rates in our industry.
Our Manufacturing
Unique Technology
As a boutique medical products company with a strong technological heritage we design our products with our patients at the forefront. Neo Medical does not believe in the philosophy of one-size fits all.
Unique Technology
Clinical Input
At Neo Medical, we value input from clinicians and focus our efforts on creating specialized products that address the unique challenges of caring for their patients. Our company is an Industry Partner of the Vascular Access Certification Corporation.
Clinical Input

What Does Neo Medical Stand For?

As a medical term, Neo stands for “new” and refers to newborns, neonates, and premature babies. Neo Medical, the company is committed to serving this fragile patient population. Their mission is driven by finding innovative ways to save newborn lives every day. They care so deeply about neonates that they made the Neo Medical term as their brand.

Our Professional Team

Tim Duvall

Tim brings 30 years of medical device experience in the companies’ core vascular products offering. Tim has been a guest speaker at AVA and receievd the “Keeping America Strong Award” for his focus on children’s products. He was designated Northern Nevada’s Technologist of the year in 2016.

Justin Bravo
International/OEM Accounts Manager

With over 11 years at Neo Medical, Inc., Justin brings with him 20 years of customer service-focused experience. Justin heads our international and domestic account management, customer care department, and OEM accounts, and is always eager to provide the best customer service experience possible.

Ralph Revilleza
Engineering Manager

Ralph is a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno. In his fourth year with the company, he was promoted from product design and development to become the engineering manager. Ralph has been working directly with the CEO of the company to design and produce the latest in vascular access products, including the first polyurethane neonatal and pediatric vascular access product line for Neo Medical.

Kevin Cooke
US Sales Manager

Kevin brings 15 years of experience to Neo Medical Inc. from the pharmaceutical and medical industries. He has represented many therapies to Pediatric Dermatologists, Pediatricians within Vascular Anomaly Centers and hospitals. He has numerous sales achievements and has been a part of many successful product launches during his career.

Elizabeth Eisenhauer
Quality and Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Elizabeth has extensive experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, and in manufacturing. Her career has provided her with 12 years of experience in quality assurance in both GLP and GMP environments. She strives to ensure the highest quality of medical devices, and to ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory agencies and guidelines.

Azucena Rivas-Avila
Manufacturing Supervisor

Azucena started as a production employee with Neo Medical and within 2 years, was promoted to Manufacturing Supervisor. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Cultural Anthropology. Currently, she is working with our manufacturing team to continue providing our customers with quality products.

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